About Us

Felder Property Group specializes in helping small business and start-up companies with their commercial space requirements in the Dallas Fort Worth area, including office, medical office, warehouse, and flex space. Since we own and manage our own commercial buildings we have more flexibility and accountability, and are able to make deals that third party managed properties cannot. Contact us today at 972 247-1888 (Neil’s cell phone is 214 502-4882) or by e-mail at neil@f-p-g.com, or for more information click on one of the boxes above.

Flexibility in solving your space issues:

Many Landlords want to lock tenants into a long term lease. We at Felder Property Group know that small businesses often do not know what their space requirements are going to be in the future and what time frame “the future” really is.
We will work with you to structure a lease term that is tailored to your needs; from month-to-month, to long term and creative leases, we will find a solution suited to your needs. And if you need extra storage space to handle a job, we will do our best to find you some vacant space in one of our buildings and rent it to you on an as-needed basis.

It is also important to lease from someone that cares about your long term growth. We will work with you as you grow your business. This means that even though you sign a 3 year lease for one size space and you quickly out grow it, we will work with you to try to accommodate your new space requirements. We do this because we want to keep you as a tenant in our building for as long as your business grows. We want happy successful businesses in all of our buildings.

We grow our business by growing yours:

Referrals are the life blood of small businesses. We strongly believe in referring tenants to all others in our tenant and personal network. If your business prospers so will ours. We are aware of and diligently cultivate these relationships. Our goal is to give you so much referral business that you grow and prosper and are always expanding the space you lease from us. We are well aware that as we help your business grow you will reward us with your loyalty. The next time a broker calls you near the expiration of your lease you will be less likely to “jump ship” if we have been a constant source of growth for your business.

Our best advertising is our satisfied tenants:

Here is the only sales pitch you should listen to: Talk to the tenants in the building that you are considering leasing in and in other buildings that the Landlord owns. Ask them their experiences and you will know if this is a place that you want to be. That is our sales pitch and since we have been using this pitch for years it behooves us to make sure that our tenants are happy! Whether you lease from us or not we strongly encourage you to ask other tenants before you sign your lease.

Neil has been our landlord since 2007. He has always been very responsive to any concerns that I have raised. He has been extremely accommodating as my business has changed over the years. He seems to be sincerely interested in helping each of his tenants succeed.

Paul G. Cleaveland
Automotive Equipment Sales & Service

We have been tenants of Neil’s since 2007. Neil and his team respond to our issues immediately and are excellent in providing solutions. Neil makes himself easily available and has never hesitated in helping us out. I have no hesitation in recommending Felder Property Group for any office space needs.

Dr. Elizabeth T. Dolan, MD
White Rock Dermatology