We are real estate principals and do not participate in broker’s commissions. We make quick purchase decisions and make leasing simple and flexible.


You do not need to be in control of the property to make your commission on the sale. If you tell us about a property we will go through you to purchase it and we have many prominent brokers that will give testimony to our trustworthiness. We are always looking for good, value- added properties to add to our portfolio. When you call with a deal, we will quickly express our interest and commitment and go to LOI, contract and then to close quickly and easily.

We love to pay commissions; and our philosophy is that we pay quickly and fully, no negotiating.


We at FPG realize that brokers are going to go where the money directs them so we want to make it easy and simple to do business with us, both in selling us property and in leasing our spaces. We do not usually list our properties as we deal with a lot of smaller spaces and want to be able to react to small business tenants in a way that would not be profitable for brokers (short term leases, etc). However, we do encourage brokers to contact us when looking for space for their tenants. We can e mail floor plans of most of our spaces and will meet you at any of our spaces with little notice. We can make a decision immediately, helping your client get his questions answered right while getting you paid quickly. On the smaller, short term, month-to-month, or dead storage leases, we are more than happy to work directly with the client, we will prepare a two page lease agreement, meet and sign it and get you paid in cash!