Selling a Building?

Felder Property Group – “Our word is our bond”

If you have a building to sell in the Dallas, Texas or surrounding area, FPG may be interested in evaluating your expectations. We are always searching for value- add opportunities and will buy small to large deals ($100k – 10milion plus). FPG is especially interested in core area properties, with considerable upside. Property types of interest include: flex, office, medical office and industrial properties. We do not purchase multi-family and are much less interested in retail. We also typically do not purchase stabilized properties.

We at Felder Property Group are real estate principals and pride ourselves on making quick purchase decisions and following through with the agreement that we have negotiated. If you are tired of being re-traded, consider selling your properties to us. We will gladly put you in contact with some of the largest REIT’s that we have purchased from and let them tell you about their pleasant experiences with our purchasing process.

It is our belief that the deal should be negotiated before the contract is drawn, not one day before the end of the inspection period! “Our word is our bond”

Neil Felder and Felder Property Group purchased a 127,000 sf flex asset from Weingarten Realty Investors. The transaction went very smooth and FPG did what they said that they would, Weingarten would not hesitate transacting with Neil in the future

Paul Segreto , Asset Manager – Industrial Properties

We love brokers. Of course we want to keep building owners happy because they may have other buildings to sell and they are great references, but brokers see deals every day! We want to be the first contact when a broker becomes aware of a possible purchase opportunity. You do not need to be in control of the property to make a commission on the sale. If you tell us about a property we will go through you to purchase it and we have many prominent brokers that will give testimony to our trustworthiness. Felder Property Group is always looking for good, value- added properties to add to our portfolio. When you call with a deal, we will quickly express our interest and commitment and go to LOI, contract and then to close quickly and easily.

We love to pay commissions; and our philosophy is that we pay quickly and fully, no negotiating.

There are hundreds of landlords in the DFW real estate market and Neil Felder of Felder Property Group is one I can always trust. Neil is always accommodating to me and my clients and every transaction has been a pleasure. Neil is true to his word, pays commissions before they are due and is the first landlord I call in the Brookhollow and Hines markets.

Michael Haggar
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Inc.